Thursday, November 11, 2010

messing around with blogspot like its livejournal

haha I even thumbnailed this out specifically for my LJ...

ideally it will look something like this when i'm done.
maybe, its kind of hard giving up this chic minimalist gallery-white layout.

I remember when i first tried to edit my blogspot through its interface it tried to guide my hand to pick coordinating colors, which was a turnoff. but now I've found my way into the page's css, time to fuck shit ^.

oh, I'm also trying to get a website up, for real this time. I even registered with one of those free website sites to have something to try out on first. here are some thumbnails I've done for that

splash page, gallery page/displaying some image, and a second page displaying a map--I'm working on a personal project that needs its own map which I have yet to make.

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