Thursday, November 11, 2010

First post all over again

After cleaning out all my previous junk, I have a clean slate to work from, and hopefully i will get my ass in gear in terms of posting.

I guess it's more than appropriate for me to start this blog off with a recently (as in today!)completed project: a flyer for DJ HORSEFORCE

(right click>view image for larger!)

I went the extra mile and did a design specifically for bulk b/w printing because without the supersaturated colors, the flats and gradients of the main flyer would translate super boring. It also pays to have a good black and white design since they can be printed on a variety of papers and at lower resolution (screen resolution even) without the loss of quality color images face.
but I'm rambling now.
have some progress pics

some prelim thumbnails, top left layout had superior flow, light blue trail indicating eye's path around the flyer. roughly blocked in areas for info.

first draft. Horn is nixed (HORSE force)and revisions are made to text placement, due to concerns expressed by the venue's owner. The horse too was manned up (rainbows were off limits for this project.)but we found a way to work in the full ROYGBIV spectrum. I also noticed some deviation from the original thumbnail's proportions and worked to restore them in the final.

Anyway it's just super exciting to have a ~real~ freelance job under my belt. Due to my preferred subject matter (mostly animals/ creature designs) the vast majority of my fanbase is in the furry fandom--I'm used to only getting personal commissions like "draw my character Wolfie howling at the moon" lol.I'm looking to branch out and make new connections, and blogspot seems like a great place for that, with a strong community of artists here.

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